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I love reading. Books are a doorway to another life. I have quite varied tastes, everything from romance through horror, paranormal, thrillers. I have to admit I am an unfortunate sucker for the whole 'millionaire' thing, although quite frankly there are way more of these fictional 'billionaires' than actually exist in real life. The whole thing is quite ridiculous. I have read some amazing indie authors and am generally open to reviewing a selection of genres.

A gripping story of bravery, hope and human connection - highly recommended

That Elusive Cure - Lisa C. Hinsley

When I was offered a review copy of this novel I was very excited. I read Lisa Hinsley's terrifying novel 'Plague' a few months ago and it had me hooked from the moment I read the opening page. 'That Elusive Cure' would prove to be another gripping, page-turning, read-in-a-single-sitting masterpiece.

This book follows Kathy, a woman fighting cancer, and from the very beginning you are sucked into the plot through the harrowing description of her situation. You feel for her, and when a mysterious woman appears with the promise of a 'cure' for Kathy's illness you can't help but share in that feeling of hope. Just what if the cure works? The origin of the 'pod' is unknown. A device sent from the future? An experiment gone awry from medical research? An elaborate hoax? You are plunged into a world of questions, and there, amongst it all, is that glimmer of excitement, of optimism, of a blue sky ahead.

I found this story moving and powerful. It felt like Kathy's quest reached the heart of me, and gripped my soul. At some parts of the story I could have screamed in frustration on her behalf (no spoilers, I'm sure you will feel it yourself!)

The strong bond she shares with her husband, Jimmy, and other members of her family adds a great deal to the relationship you develop with Kathy through her journey. There are other struggles entwined with hers, and they had me hooked too. It's a moving tale, that's for sure, and one that will stay with you long after you reach the end.

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. Not only that, but once I opened the file on my Kindle I didn't even move position. I sat at my desk with the Kindle in my hand from beginning to end - it was THAT good.

Very highly recommended. Read this book, you won't be disappointed. You may be sleep-deprived after sitting up half the night to finish it, but you will be glad you did!

Is love ever simple? Another winner from Jan Ruth

Silver Rain - Jan Ruth, John Hudspith, J.D. Smith Designs

Jan Ruth does it again. Complicated doesn't quite sum it up. The characters become your extended family - their turbulent relationships become your business. Sometimes you want to shake them, tell them to grow up and stop acting like idiots, but you can't help but warm to them.

This story is an endearing tale of two people daring to hope for love again. Will it be easy? Nah, of course not. Especially since lovable, immature, rogue Al is involved. Despite the fact that he clearly has his flaws, and is a deeply troubled soul, you can't help but root for him. Kate is a wonderfully real woman. I love the fact that she is SO real as well, and didn't just step out of a woman's glossy.

I really enjoyed this book. The twists and turns pile up. Life's issues snake around the major characters like a boa constrictor. Choking away and squeezing at their murky secrets until they explode in everyone's faces. By this point of course you are frantically turning the pages, desperate to know how it all pans out.

Lovely scenery and settings, as always. Like so many others have said, even the animals become solid characters in their own right. You are there with them all, up to the knees in mud and manure. Lugging horse tack and feed around with them while listening to their tales unfold.

Needless to say I highly recommend this book. It's brilliantly paced, with gritty, believable dialogue and interactions against a beautiful backdrop. Read it, you won't regret it.

An explosion of magical adventure

Kimi's Secret - John Hudspith

I had high expectations of this book and I wasn't disappointed. Upon the arrival of a creepy prophetic crow, little Kimi's world is turned upside down. Launched into the world of Heart, with its collection of wonderfully eccentric characters, ominous terrors and gruesomely magical events, Kimi has to overcome all kinds of odds - and so will you alongside her. Exciting for adult or child alike this book will catapult you into another realm, with such colour and vibrancy you can't help but jump on the rollercoaster with John Hudspith's mini heroine.

This book has a rich gothic edge to it which I loved. The crows are dark, and terrifying. The meal of choice for the famoose (fairies of a very different kind) grossed me out perfectly. It really is a fully constructed, compelling read. I loved it.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but prepared to be engrossed enough to be propelled straight into book two.

There is so much brilliance in this book for little people that I ordered two paper copies for children in the family. Needless to say, they are as absorbed as I was.

Rich, imaginative, action packed... it was a definite win for me. The characters stay with you and I hope there will be many more adventures in store for Kimi. I'd love to see her grow into a feisty young woman one day!

A breathtaking slice of real life

Midnight Sky - Jan Ruth, John Hudspith, J.D. Smith Designs

Finished this book and WOW! Jan Ruth is a master of portraying the magic in the humdrum of the real world. When I say the real world I mean the stunning, rural landscape of Wales and the very real, complicated characters that inhabit it. She takes you there - an eavesdropper at their private conversations, sharing in their trials and their joys.


A truly lovely book, beautifully written and packaged up in a stunning cover (I have the paperback). The characters stay with you; you root for them, you feel anger at them, you laugh with them - so expect to gain a set of friends through this book, and they will stay with you long after you turn the final page! Jan Ruth keeps you hooked until the very end, itching to find out what happens to Laura and the ruggedly handsome James. Can't recommend highly enough, I'm off to read Wild Water next.

Read at bedtime with caution!

Plague - Lisa C. Hinsley, J.D. Smith

Well. What can I say? A good night's sleep was NOT had by me after reading this book!

After hearing great things, I decided to give Plague a read. I started it late at night with the intention of reading just a few pages before bedtime, but that wasn't how things went down. It gripped me by the throat and I couldn't turn off the Kindle. Hours later and I was still going, so intent was I to find out the fate of poor Liz, Johnny and little Nathan.

Could I stop talking about it? No. Could I stop thinking about it? No. Could I sleep?? Not a hope in Hell...

Horrific book. Claustrophobic, scary, real. I still have the shivers from it. Be warned, this book made me cry multiple times and left me surrounded by a fog of dread that still lurks in the corners. It's gripping, it's heart-wrenching and it's in your face.

Great work by Lisa Hinsley.

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