Read at bedtime with caution!

Plague - Lisa C. Hinsley, J.D. Smith

Well. What can I say? A good night's sleep was NOT had by me after reading this book!

After hearing great things, I decided to give Plague a read. I started it late at night with the intention of reading just a few pages before bedtime, but that wasn't how things went down. It gripped me by the throat and I couldn't turn off the Kindle. Hours later and I was still going, so intent was I to find out the fate of poor Liz, Johnny and little Nathan.

Could I stop talking about it? No. Could I stop thinking about it? No. Could I sleep?? Not a hope in Hell...

Horrific book. Claustrophobic, scary, real. I still have the shivers from it. Be warned, this book made me cry multiple times and left me surrounded by a fog of dread that still lurks in the corners. It's gripping, it's heart-wrenching and it's in your face.

Great work by Lisa Hinsley.