An explosion of magical adventure

Kimi's Secret - John Hudspith

I had high expectations of this book and I wasn't disappointed. Upon the arrival of a creepy prophetic crow, little Kimi's world is turned upside down. Launched into the world of Heart, with its collection of wonderfully eccentric characters, ominous terrors and gruesomely magical events, Kimi has to overcome all kinds of odds - and so will you alongside her. Exciting for adult or child alike this book will catapult you into another realm, with such colour and vibrancy you can't help but jump on the rollercoaster with John Hudspith's mini heroine.

This book has a rich gothic edge to it which I loved. The crows are dark, and terrifying. The meal of choice for the famoose (fairies of a very different kind) grossed me out perfectly. It really is a fully constructed, compelling read. I loved it.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but prepared to be engrossed enough to be propelled straight into book two.

There is so much brilliance in this book for little people that I ordered two paper copies for children in the family. Needless to say, they are as absorbed as I was.

Rich, imaginative, action packed... it was a definite win for me. The characters stay with you and I hope there will be many more adventures in store for Kimi. I'd love to see her grow into a feisty young woman one day!