A breathtaking slice of real life

Midnight Sky - Jan Ruth, John Hudspith, J.D. Smith Designs

Finished this book and WOW! Jan Ruth is a master of portraying the magic in the humdrum of the real world. When I say the real world I mean the stunning, rural landscape of Wales and the very real, complicated characters that inhabit it. She takes you there - an eavesdropper at their private conversations, sharing in their trials and their joys.


A truly lovely book, beautifully written and packaged up in a stunning cover (I have the paperback). The characters stay with you; you root for them, you feel anger at them, you laugh with them - so expect to gain a set of friends through this book, and they will stay with you long after you turn the final page! Jan Ruth keeps you hooked until the very end, itching to find out what happens to Laura and the ruggedly handsome James. Can't recommend highly enough, I'm off to read Wild Water next.